Your Baby's Amazing Journey Within You!

Have you ever wondered how a teeny tiny baby starts growing inside your belly? It’s like the most amazing science project ever, happening right inside you! It might seem like magic, but there’s a whole lot of cool stuff going on to make that little miracle happen. Here’s the inside scoop on this incredible journey:

Your baby's ultrasound will look like this over the coming months

From Tiny Spark to Beating Heart:

The very first sign of life is a tiny flicker –your baby’s heart starts pumping blood as early as 3 weeks after conception (that’s when the sperm meets the egg!). It might be too small to hear yet, but by 7 or 8 weeks (about 2 months), a special tool called an ultrasound stethoscope can pick up that little heartbeat.

Building the Body Block by Block:

As your baby is growing, the baby’s brain starts working super early, as early as 8 weeks! That’s around the same time the eyes, ears, and even the breathing system begin taking shape. It’s like a mini construction zone in there! By 8 weeks, all your baby’s major organs are there, and the tiny tummy even starts making juices to help digest food.

Fingernails and Fancy Footwork:

This might surprise you, but the buds for all 20 baby teeth are present by 6½ weeks! They are very tiny teeth, but they’re there. Fingernails start appearing around 11-12 weeks (about 3 months), and by 16 weeks (about 3 and a half months), even eyelashes start sprouting. As early as 9 or 10 weeks (about 2 and a half months), the baby can even make some wiggly moves – like squinting, swallowing, and even making a tiny fist!

Breathing Underwater (Kind Of!):

Around 3 months, your baby practices breathing by taking in amniotic fluid (that’s the special liquid surrounding the baby in the womb). Don’t worry-the baby gets oxygen from the mom through a special cord, so they won’t drown. This practice of breathing will help the baby’s lungs prepare for the real deal after birth!

You’re a Super Team!

From the very beginning, your growing baby is like a tiny roommate growing inside you. Taking care of yourself means taking care of both of you! It’s like being on a super important team together.

In short, your baby is very much a life, even a few days after conception, and is not something with gills and a tail or just a random group of cells! It makes more sense to see your baby as the second patient, the first one being you, the mother. The baby must be given the same amount of care that is given to the pregnant mother, through what’s called “prenatal care.”

Prenatal Care as Your Baby is Growing

Prenatal care is the health care you get while you are pregnant. Getting checkups when you’re pregnant is super important for you and your baby. If moms-to-be don’t go to these checkups, their babies are more likely to be born smaller than they should be and even have a higher chance of passing away compared to babies whose moms do go to these checkups.

When doctors see pregnant women often, they can catch any health issues early on. This helps because they can start treating these issues sooner. Sometimes, treating problems early can make them go away completely. Plus, doctors can chat with pregnant women about how they can do things to make sure their babies are healthy right from the start.

Having a Healthy Pregnancy

Follow these do’s and don’ts to keep yourself and your baby healthy during pregnancy:


  • Take a prenatal vitamin with 400 to 800 mcg of folic acid every day. Folic acid is super important, especially early in pregnancy.
  • Check with your doctor before starting or stopping any medications. Some medications aren’t safe during pregnancy, including some over-the-counter and herbal ones.
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods, like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and foods low in saturated fat. Drink lots of water too.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough nutrients, including iron, to prevent anemia, which can lead to preterm birth and low birth weight.
  • Gain a healthy amount of weight. Your doctor can guide you on how much weight gain is right for you.


  • Eat fish high in mercury like swordfish, king mackerel, shark, and tilefish.
  • Smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs. These can seriously harm your growing baby.
  • Skip exercise unless your doctor advises against it. Aim for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity each week.
  • Forget to take care of yourself mentally. Get enough sleep and find ways to manage stress. Your well-being matters too!

Unplanned Pregnancy

your baby - taking a pregnancy testAn unexpected pregnancy requires making some difficult decisions. If you’re considering abortion, make sure you gather all the facts before making such a life-changing decision.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, but there are two other paths you can consider, each offering a loving and fulfilling life for your child.

Parenting brings its own set of rewards and challenges. If you choose to raise your child, there are many resources available to support you, from government programs to parenting classes.

Adoption allows you to provide your child with a stable and loving home with an adoptive family of your choosing. With today’s modern adoptions, the birth mother makes all the decisions for her baby. That includes deciding if you want to keep in touch with the adoptive family and your child as they grow.

Tara’s Story

Tara had gone into a clinic hoping to get an abortion. She was only 15 and was terrified to tell her mom and dad that she was pregnant, especially because her dad was the pastor of the local church. She thought abortion would be easier than enduring the guilt and shame that would come with being a pregnant teen.

Once she saw her baby on the ultrasound, she realized it wasn’t just a mass of cells. It was formed and organized. And while it didn’t look like a fully formed baby just yet, it was clear to see that it was on its way to becoming something. It was at that moment that Tara realized that ending her baby’s life simply to avoid telling her parents was not the answer.

After a tearful conversation, they began looking into adoption as an option. Tara chose a couple in California to adopt her baby boy. She liked the fact that they were open to letting her come visit once a year and be part of her son’s life. Christopher is now 5 years old and knows about his adoption and Tara. 

Tara shares, “Deciding to place my son for adoption took a lot of thinking and searching inside myself. Picking an open adoption plan wasn’t just good for me; I knew it would also help my son. I wanted him to always know he was loved and to understand where he came from.” 

She continues, “When I was pregnant and felt scared and alone, it was a relief to learn about all the options available to me. Adoption is a choice that’s different for everyone. For me, picking an open adoption was the best. It means I don’t have to worry all the time about if my child is safe or if I made the right decision. Open adoption was the right thing for my son and me. Now, we can both chase after our dreams and control our futures.”

Your Baby, Your Choices

Deciding on the best path for your future is a choice only you can make. However, before making a decision, we encourage you to thoroughly consider all your options for your unplanned pregnancy.

Deciding between abortion, parenting, and adoption is deeply personal. Consider what feels right for you and your situation. There’s help available, no matter what path you choose. Remember, you are not alone! If you’re thinking about adoption or want to learn more about your options, call or text 1-800-923-6784 today.