Catholic Adoption Benefits

A Catholic open adoption is one of the most loving, caring choices a birth mother can make for her child. Ensuring that the baby will be brought up in the Catholic faith by a family that can provide a stable, secure and devoted environment is just one of the many benefits of an open adoption.
woman considering benefits of open adoptin after looking at pregnancy test

Birth Mother and Father

A birth mother wants to know that her child is being given the life that he or she deserves. What better way to know this than to see it firsthand? A biological mother who severs all contact with the child may find herself wondering if she made the right choice. She may needlessly worry about the child, which causes her own self-worth to plummet.

Conversely, a birth mother who chooses a Catholic adoption that is open will be able to watch as the child grows. Whether she does so from nearby or from afar, she will have all of her fears and worries put to rest. She will have a better sense of self knowing that the child is being raised in a Catholic family that provides the utmost care.

woman considering benefits of open adoptin after looking at pregnancy test
open adoption benefits both birth parent and adoptive families who bond with their new baby

Adoptive Parents

Being acquainted with the birth mother is of great benefit to the adoptive parents. Should the birth mother choose the parents before the child is born, they may have the opportunity to accompany her to medical appointments. They might even be able to be present when the baby is born. This helps them to form a deeper bond with their new child from the very beginning.

Once the adoption is finalized, a relationship with the birth mother and father can help adoptive parents in multiple ways. Arguably, the most important is the ability to learn about family history. This is especially true when it comes to medical challenges.

open adoption benefits children who grow up feeling confident


It is possible that it is the adoptees themselves who benefit the most from an open adoption. These children grow up with a type of relationship with their biological mother and/or father. Some may worry that the presence of birth parents can put a strain on the relationship between adoptees and their adoptive parents. Quite the opposite is true. Adoptees learn that their parents were chosen for them for very specific reasons. This can make the bond even stronger.

Adoptees who grow up knowing their biological parents are less likely to develop emotional disorders. They feel confident and happy knowing that their birth mother made a difficult but important choice to find a loving family to give them a stable home.

open adoption benefits children who grow up feeling confident
birth mother smiles in greeting to computer meeting with child

A New Family

One of the best parts of a Catholic adoption is the unity that is felt between all those involved in the adoption. Birth parents may become a part of the extended family. They will feel a sense of belonging when they interact with the child and the adoptive parents. Likewise, the child has even more people to love him or her throughout their lives. An open adoption truly is a blessing.