Catholic Family Resources

Books, articles and other resources for adoptive families and birth parents
Catholic Adoption Online offers many Catholic adoption services and resources to help build families through adoption. We have listed some wonderful books and resources below to help families find the support they need. For a more comprehensive list, visit Lifetime Adoption’s Recommended Reading list.

Books for Adoptive Families

Illogical Wisdom: The Story of Ruthie

by Mark Hodge
Tells a story of how God added to our life through an open adoption.

Blessed by Adoption: One Mom’s Stories, Scriptures, and Prayers to Comfort You and Remind You That You’re Not Alone

by Hillary Froning
The author opens her heart and shares the story of how she and her husband adopted three precious children.

Second Mother: A Bible Study Experience for Foster and Adoptive Moms

by Jodi Jackson Tucker
This interactive workbook is all about your unique journey as a Second Mother.


by Alison A England
Allowing God to be in the front seat of your adoption will make all the difference as you navigate the tougher moments and celebrate the exhilarating ones.

Sweet Baby James

by Author Laura Simpson Whittaker
For couples struggling with infertility, this book provides faith and courage to continue the journey when it’s tough.

Called to Adoption

by Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P.
For those praying about building a family through adoption, this easy-to-read, straight-forward guide is a valuable insight.

Books for Children

God Found Us You

by Lisa Tawn Bergren
A special picture book about adoption.

The Invisible String

by Patrice Karst
This book is about the unbreakable connections between loved ones.

Books for Birth Parents

Restorative Grief: A guide to healing the birthmother’s heart

by Cynthia Christensen
Birth mother grief is a type of grief many don’t know at all, yet some know all too well.

Heart of a Birthmom

by Terri Gake M.S.
For a birth mom, adoption is such a unique loss.

Sweet Baby James

by Author Laura Simpson Whittaker
For women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, this story provides a life giving option.

So I Was Thinking About Adoption…: Considering Your Choices

by Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P.
Whether you just found out about an unplanned pregnancy or have been considering adoption as an option for some time – you are not alone.

Studies and Inspiration

Find the Catholic adoption services that best fit your needs below. If you have a different need, please contact our coordinators and we may be able to find you another resource.

cannon for Catholic baptismCannon 8873 – Recording the Baptism of Adopted Children
The National Conference of Catholic Bishops outline the rules to follow when recording the baptism of an adopted child after the adoption is final and rules for recording if child is baptized before the adoption is final.
walking with purposeWalking with Purpose – a Women’s Catholic Bible Study Program
A bible study program for women and middle school age girls to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.
my adoption prayerMy Adoption Prayer – Free Weekly Prayer for Your Adoption
A free weekly email of adoption prayers that will be delivered straight to your inbox. I hope these prayers will provide hope and faith.