Frequently Asked Questions

About Catholic Adoptions
Do you have questions about Catholic adoptions and the adoption process? Below you’ll find answers to many questions frequently asked about adoption by pregnant women and others considering adoption. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, please contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have.  To speak to a caring adoption coordinator, call or text us anytime, even right now! 
pregnant woman with questions about Catholic adoptions

1. What is Open or Semi-Open Catholic Adoption?

In open adoption, you may choose the adoptive family yourself, rather than having an agency make this choice. You can view a nationwide selection of loving Catholic families who are waiting to adopt. You may also decide on the amount of contact you wish to have. Some women want letters and photos, others want visits or phone calls after the adoption, and some want no contact at all. You may choose the family that best meets your needs and those of your child, or if you prefer, we can select a family for you. Click to view Catholic waiting adoptive families. 

2. Why choose adoption?

Adoption can be one of the most loving decisions you make for your child. It takes a great deal of love and maturity to know that raising a child can be difficult and that love is not enough to provide what a child needs to thrive and grow. Even with the help of family and friends, the task can be overwhelming for many people. Often, family and friends are there at the beginning, then when times get more difficult, you are on your own. 

Whatever your decision is, you are ultimately going to be the primary caregiver and the person that will need to take care of your child. This can be a sacrifice for many years to come. Some women are ready for this commitment, and many women realize the time is not right for them to parent and that adoption is the most sensible and most important decision they will make for their child and their future. 

If it is important to you that your child is raised in the Catholic faith, you can choose a Catholic family. You will know that your child is baptized, and receives First Communion and Confirmation.

You can ask for updates and pictures of these special events. This will give you peace of mind when you know your child is being raised in the Catholic faith.

3. Are there any costs to me?

There is no cost to you as a birth parent. Adoptive parents pay for legal fees, reasonable pregnancy-related expenses, and medical bills not covered by insurance, consulting, and counseling fees. If you have state or private medical insurance, the adoptive parents may be able to pay any portions unpaid by insurance, such as co-payments. Payment of living expenses can begin after you have filled out the required forms, selected the adoptive parents, and have both agreed to go forward with an adoption plan.

4. What if I go into labor and have not made an adoption plan?

You can call or text the Adoption Answer Line at 1-800-923-6784 directly from the hospital. They can arrange to have a family available for you within hours. In most states, the adoptive family will be able to take the baby home from the hospital, avoiding foster care. This way, your baby can start bonding with their adoptive family right away. We are open for emergencies on all weekends, holidays, and throughout the night. 

If you prefer a Catholic family to adopt your baby, don’t worry, we can make that happen. Our adoption coordinators have many Catholic families that would be very excited to make their way to the hospital to meet you and your baby. It is never too late to find those adoptive parents you feel are right for your baby.

5. Can I choose Catholic adoptive parents for my child?

Yes, you can. You can view profiles of Catholic couples hoping to adopt. You will be able to view where they live, what their lifestyle is like, and what their hope and dreams for raising a child are. Your adoption coordinator will talk with you about what is important to you and will help guide you through the matching process.  

Once you choose a family, you can start getting to know them. How much interaction you decide to have is up to you. You may want them to come to your doctor’s appointment, you may want to have lunch with them or you may want to text and Zoom. This will be a good time to talk about what contact you would like to have after the adoption and make sure you are all on the same page. Your adoption coordinator is happy to help you with this if you would like some assistance.

Pregnant woman with questions about Catholic adoptions and an adoptive family for her child

6. How do I know this is a safe family for my child?

All adoptive families are screened and pre-qualified. A licensed social worker will do a detailed home study evaluation and visit the adoptive family’s home. This home study evaluation includes a background check, medical evaluations, and financial and FBI screening. You can be assured that your baby will be raised in a loving and safe family environment.  

If you wish, you can speak personally to Catholic waiting families and decide whom you feel you want to adopt and raise your child.  You can speak with more than one family, and get to know them before making your decision. 

7. What if my child is older; can I make an adoption plan?

There are loving Catholic families seeking to adopt children of all ages and races. Just call or text the 24 Hour Adoption Answer Line at 1-800-923-6784. They will work hard to find just the right family for you to interview for the adoption of your baby or child. You will be able to decide on the contact you wish after the placement. 

8. What if my child has a disability or medical problem, are there Catholic adoptive families available? I don’t want to put my child into foster care.

Yes, there are Catholic adoptive families that are prepared and trained to parent a special needs baby or child. Just call or text the 24 Hour Adoption Answer Line at 1-800-923-6784. 

Some babies may be born with genetic issues, such as Down syndrome, and some may have some drug or substance exposure issues. We have Catholic families that are ready, willing, and able to adopt your child and will welcome them into their home. They are ready to provide the care he or she may need and will provide that care with unconditional love.

9. My baby will be African American. Are there black Catholic families seeking to adopt?

With infertility on the rise, more childless African American and bi-racial couples are turning to adoption to build their families. Some are Catholic, others have other faiths. You can read about the lifestyle of these prospective families and view their photos before speaking to them on the phone. 

10. Is there counseling available for me? What about help with my expenses?

Considering your options during an unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming. We will provide you with professional counseling as well as peer counseling. It can be helpful to speak to a counselor who can provide you with information and advice while helping you see your situation clearly or a peer counselor who has been in your situation and can share their experience with you.  

You may find you need some assistance with necessities during this time such as rent, phone, utilities, transportation, food, maternity clothes etc. We can help. Through Lifetime Foundation and Birthmother Blessings, we can help with many of your needs. Our adoption coordinators can also help you find the medical resources and local community resources to help you through this difficult time. Each state has its own laws regarding birth mother expenses and our knowledgeable coordinators will explain all of your options to you.

Speak to a caring adoption coordinator today. 

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