Questions to Ask Adoption Agencies

Catholic adoption agencies family Micah and Emily from Missouri
When looking into adoption, many Catholic families today search for “Catholic adoption agencies” but that may not be nearly as important as asking the right questions. The adoption agency you hire will impact your entire adoption experience.

Before adopting a baby, it is important to understand as much as possible about the process. With hundreds of adoption professionals to choose from, determining the right questions can help you start the adoption process on the right path.

Many of our Catholic families researched Catholic adoption agencies, asked the questions below, and are now on the path to completing their adoption story.

Questions to Ask When Searching for Adoption Agencies

Do You Have Availability?

Adoption is a process, and it can be an emotional one too. If you have questions or need support from your adoption agency, you might want them to be available outside business hours.

As you search for a “Catholic adoption agencies” you should also find out about the adoption agency’s availability in terms of wait times. Is there room for you to be on the roster? When will an agent be able to handle your case, and what does the average caseload look like for agents?

What Kind of Wait Time Should I Expect?
Adoption wait times vary from adoption agency to agency and location to location. Other factors can also determine wait times. For example, a closed adoption might have a longer wait time than an open adoption. Couples who have very specific preferences regarding race, age, gender, and special needs may also wait longer than those with very few requirements. Your agency can help you determine which factors will help your wait time.

What Are the Costs Involved?
Adoption costs are a big concern for hopeful parents. It is helpful to get information about costs and pricing in writing before you sign any contracts or put any money down.

What Support Do You Offer?
Different adoption agencies provide different types of support. Ask the agency about any resources available for adoptive parents and birth parents. How will the agency help you and the birth parent once the placement of the child has happened?

What Are the Steps Involved in the Adoption Process?
Asking for a list of steps to expect from your adoption agency is a great way to know that you are doing all that you can for a successful adoption.

Can I Speak With Potential Birth Parents?
Adoption agencies can offer great advice when it comes to making contact with a birth mother. Some agencies will act as a point of contact between you and the birth mother. This is also a wonderful idea to discuss with your agency.

No matter what kind of adoption you are interested in, you should ask the right questions of the agency you hire. Searching for “Catholic adoption agencies” is a good start, but the agency can impact your entire adoption journey, so ask lots of questions.