Featured Family - Paul and Becky

From time to time, we like to spotlight Catholic adoptive families. We’d like you to meet Paul and Becky, a hopeful adoptive couple living in Texas. We encourage you to read about their life in their own words. Here is what they have to say:
featured Catholic parents oline Paul Becky pose for photo

Our Life

We have been married for 9 years, and every moment together is a memorable one. We are the perfect example of opposites attract. Paul is outgoing and silly, and Becky is more quiet and reserved. We have fun together doing all sorts of activities. Some of our favorites are staying in and cooking together, playing games, traveling, trying new foods, and spending time with family and friends!

featured Catholic parents oline Paul Becky pose for photo
Hopeful Catholic parent online in her kitchen cooking a large meal

Meet Becky (by Paul)

Becky is a very loving, generous and open individual. She loves spending time with family and friends any chance she can. Becky frequently gives of her time to help others, especially at our church and in her job as a second grade teacher. She is very strong in her faith and is always trying to learn more. Becky is a very God filled woman who will dedicate herself to helping your child to reach their full potential each and every day.

Meet Paul (by Becky)

Paul is a kind, caring, and outgoing individual. He loves meeting new people and can easily make personal connections with anyone. His outgoing personality makes him a fantastic elementary school teacher. He has a passion for learning, teaching, and being goofy. I can always count on Paul to make me smile when I am feeling down. Paul is also a faith-filled man. He is continually praying and learning more about the Catholic faith. He reads the Bible everyday and works to grow in his relationship with God.

Catholic adoptive couple stand in front of grotto for Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Family

The Catholic Faith is a very large part of our lives. We enjoy spending time together at the church volunteering as much as possible. Becky teaches first grade Faith Formation, and Paul teaches fifth grade Faith Formation. The Catholic Faith has helped us to grow as children of God and we know and understand that we will be the first teachers of our child someday and look forward to the opportunity.

Our families are extremely excited to welcome a new child into the family. Becky’s parents are excited to welcome their second grandchild, and Paul’s parents cannot wait to become grandparents for the first time. We love to spend time with our families, and your child will be surrounded by a large supportive family that will continually provide love, support, and a helping hand to him or her.

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Catholic adoptive couple stand in front of grotto for Blessed Virgin Mary
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