A Letter from Yao & Erin

Thank you for considering us as your child’s adoptive parents. We have been together since 2010 and are excited to become parents to your child of any race or gender.

Ever since the beginning of our relationship, before we faced infertility, we have wanted to adopt. We know firsthand the joy of adoption because that’s how our extended family was formed. We love spending time caring for and loving animals. We look forward to continuing family traditions, like pool parties, apple picking trips, super-soaker fights, and spending time with cousins at the beach.

We would love to get to know you and are open to sharing letters, calls, and annual visits, should you desire!

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Our Story

We met in 2009 while working for the same law firm. We became best friends, fell in love, and were married in 2012! We like to go on road trips with our dogs to see a new waterfall or explore a new town. We often take trips around Atlanta, enjoy traveling internationally when able, reading together (sharing articles and books), taking care of our pets and foster animals, and visiting friends and family. We hope to continue these hobbies with our child. We share a passion for lifelong learning and love to discover new things and places. We also enjoy visiting Yao’s family, cooking, and eating together.

We are excited to share our love of reading and writing, and our interest in current events, history, and languages with our child. We both love animals and enjoy incorporating them into our lives. We are excited to support our child’s curiosity, encourage their interests, and teach them to embrace their imagination!

Meet Yao

I work as an attorney handling a variety of commercial cases and pro bono matters, including asylum cases and helping disabled veterans. In my spare time, I enjoy fostering and caring for kittens. I also am an avid reader (I especially love science fiction & history) and loves to watch sports with my friends. I grew up playing the piano and violin and look forward to supporting our child in any musical interests that they may have. I especially look forward to being active with our child, bringing him or her to an NBA game, and teaching them math.

Erin adds that: “Yao is kind, extremely intelligent, patient, and sensitive to the needs of others. His caring, generous spirit will make him a wonderful dad. He is one of the smartest men I have ever met, and is loyal, generous, dependable, considerate, and hardworking.”

FRIENDS DESCRIBE YAO AS: Funny, passionate, ambitious, caring

Meet Erin

I am a retired attorney, and I am thrilled to become a stay-at-home mother. I aspire to follow the amazing example my mother set for me as a mom. I loved growing up with many siblings and cousins, and look forward to that same energy for my family. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, spending time at local festivals, and caring for animals. I am slowly growing a collection of toys, children’s books, and movies for our child that I am excited to share. I look forward to family vacations to Disneyworld and to the Studio Ghibli amusement park as well as taking our child to the Olympics someday.

Yao adds that: “Erin is an exceptionally smart, loving, brave, and generous woman. She has a unique sense of humor, and always makes me laugh. She will be an amazing mother. She is often the source of advice and emotional support among her friends and family.”

FRIENDS DESCRIBE ERIN AS: kind, dependable, loving, intelligent

Our Extended Family

Erin’s parents and three younger siblings live in NJ and we love to spend time together at her parents’ beach house in the summers! We look forward to our child can building sandcastles at the ocean, swimming at the pool, and enjoying ice cream and games at the boardwalk with the family.

Yao was born in China and raised in North Carolina. He helped raise his younger sister while his parents worked full-time as doctors. Yao’s side of the family can all speak Mandarin and it is something we look forward to teaching to our child as well. His parents also love gardening and are excited to share family activities with a grandchild.

Our home in Georgia

We live in a quiet neighborhood full of kids and excellent, diverse schools. Our 2 story home is located on an acre of land with our yard fenced.  The outdoor grill and pool are our favorite areas to spend time together. We share our home with our cats and dogs who are all great with kids.

Erin has been preparing a nursery on each floor of our home. Her mom was an elementary school teacher and plans on moving in with us for a few months after our child arrives. Yao’s mom is retiring (she was a pediatrician) and looks forward to helping us with child care.

Our Promise

We promise that we will love your child, support them unconditionally, and provide them with a safe and healthy environment. We will give them the best educational opportunities available, and help them explore and achieve their dreams.

Your child will grow up knowing their story and your love. We strongly believe that maintaining a connection with you will help him or her to better know themselves and reach their goals. We would absolutely love to keep in touch with you through letters, pictures, and visits, should you desire.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Yao & Erin

  Yao Erin
Our EducationB.A. in history and political science; J.D.B.A. in classical studies with minors in Latin and creative writing; J.D.
Our ProfessionsAttorneyStay-at-home wife
Our Racial BackgroundAsianCaucasian
Some of Yao & Erin's Favorites
MemoryArriving in the U.S. with my mom and meeting my dad at the airport Snorkeling with a pod of dolphins in Hawaii
VacationHawaii and ItalyFlorida Keys
Children's bookEnder’s GameBalta and the Black Wolf of Savage River
MovieGladiatorFlight of Dragons
AccomplishmentBeing able to afford a house in a beautiful neighborhood with good schoolsPurchasing a home with a lot of room for friends and family to visit
TV showStar Trek: The Next GenerationOne Day at a Time
More About Our Family
More about our interests and hobbies:

Yao is an avid reader and loves to watch sports with his friends. He grew up playing piano and violin.

Erin enjoys teaching and tutoring. Recently, she has advocated for other Ehlers Danlos patients with their health insurance companies.

We have a passion for language and already have a Latin version of "Cat in the Hat" and "Winnie the Pooh" set aside for our child's book collection.

Fun facts about us

Facts about Yao:

"I grew up in China and have spent time living in several states. When I was a kid, my parents set up a basketball hoop in the driveway. I still love basketball, especially going to Hawks games, and am a certified agent of the NBA Players' Association."

Facts about Erin:

"Some of my most treasured memories include going to the beach as a child, swimming with beluga whales, snorkeling with spinner dolphins in Hawaii, and swimming with a wild sea lion in Florida. I was a lifeguard and swim coach, and I cannot wait to share this love of nature, and of the ocean, in particular, with our child when he or she is old enough."

Other activities we want to share with our future family:

We are especially looking forward to taking photos of our child playing make-believe or dress-up with Erin, playing hide-and-seek with us, and elaborately arranging toys to facilitate story-telling.

Yao cannot wait to bring our son or daughter to an NBA game. He is also looking forward to teaching a child how statistical analysis can help predict behavior and success, in sports and in other contexts.

Family traditions we would like to share with our child:

As an extended family, on both sides, we have all been collecting the books that are the most meaningful to us. We are excited to share these special books with our future child. Reading is so important to us, that we each gave away our favorite books as wedding guest gifts.

As a couple, we often host friends for various holidays with our own families, and we sometimes get to travel together as a group. Since our schools are rivals, one tradition both sets of our friends share is to go back to New England for the Harvard vs. Yale football game each November. Yao looks forward to including our child in this tradition.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months old


We would love to welcome twins!


Either gender.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us to be parents for your child. We are looking forward to nurturing and supporting your child by sharing our favorite books with them, taking them to explore our neighborhood on walks with our dogs, and by teaching them the joy of learning new languages, instruments, and sports. We respect and appreciate you for taking the time to consider us as parents for your child and are open to sharing photos, letters, and visits at your comfort level. We hope to speak with you soon.

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