A Letter from Mattia & Anna

Ciao, grazie per il tuo interesse. Ci piacerebbe tanto parlare con te!

Hello! We are a multicultural couple from Massachusetts, hoping to adopt our first child. Anna was born and raised in Italy and Mattia also has Italian roots, as well as Chinese background. We love to celebrate this beautiful life we’ve made together, finding joy in the good and growing stronger through the challenges. We value faith, relationships with loved ones, family heritage, and education. It’s been our dream to raise a family and share our lives as parents. We’d love to get to know you and the hopes you have for your child’s future!

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A Little About Us...

Our story began when we met through mutual friends in Rome! Anna was working in Rome as a TV producer and Mattia was visiting friends that he’d made during his time when he worked in Italy previously. We fell in love and had a long-distance relationship until right before we were married (also in Rome!). Now we’ve been married over 6 years.

Things we love to do together:
• Cooking for friends and family at our house (Anna makes delicious Italian meals and Mattia is king of the barbecue!)
• Game nights
• Traveling for fun and to see loved ones
• Going to Mass with family and sharing a Sunday feast together
• Celebrating anniversaries and birthdays (Mattia always gets Anna flowers for the first day they met…and she’s always caught by surprise!)

About Anna

According to Mattia: Anna is sensitive, caring, sincere, thoughtful, and generous. She truly embraces you as a person and remembers details about people she meets. Anna has inspired me to be more attentive, organized, and to be my best self. My wife is a wonderful storyteller and very creative too! She has an eye for seeing beauty in everything around her. Anna is deeply committed to our life together and I know she’ll show that same dedication as a mother.

Anna enjoys:
• Reading novels or movies that cause me to reflect
• Exploring cultures (moving to the States has sparked a curiosity for American culture!)
• Art exhibits or Broadway shows in NYC
• Volunteering with my church parish to cook and serve meals for those in need of food or companionship
• Yoga and Pilates
• Creating a warm, welcoming home
• Floral arranging and design

About Mattia

According to Anna: Mattia is patient, caring, and open. He has a big heart and is really good at communication, which has helped deepen and grow our relationship. Mattia is curious and respectful of the world around him, which makes it easy for him to make friends and show interest in people we meet. My husband is reliable, hardworking, and has a special ability to see the bright side in any situation. Mattia is good with kids and I know he will be a playful dad who values quality time with our child, always willing to listen and help.

Mattia enjoys:
• Cooking
• Working out
• Biking or playing soccer goalie
• Strategy board games
• Singing Italian folk songs (he sang in a well-known choir when he lived in Italy!)
• Playing bass and listening to all kinds of music
• Fix-it or improvement projects
• Reading for personal growth

Our Home in Massachusetts

We live near the city, close to some of the best private schools in the country. Our cozy two-story home is in a safe neighborhood with a lot of playgrounds, near stores, movie theaters, subways, restaurants, a yacht club, and parks. We often enjoy a walk or bike ride along the ocean or in the parks.

Our home is spacious and full of books and art, including paintings created by Anna’s dad. We have a peaceful backyard full of flowers each spring and enjoy views of the city skyline from one of our balconies. We love living here and look forward to raising our family in this area!

Our Families

Anna’s family is very big! She’s the eldest of five and they all live in Italy. Mattia is an only child, though he grew up very close with his cousins. Mattia’s family is spread around the U.S. We enjoy seeing his relatives in New York City and New Jersey often. Every year we visit his dad in California and his mom in Italy. Our parents also enjoy visiting us here each year. We also have an amazing group of friends who are like family to us. Many of our friends are also raising young children, so we’ll have plenty of help and little friends for our child to grow up with. Everyone in our lives has been supportive of and excited about our plans to adopt!

From Our Hearts...

We believe in finding the good and meaning in life. As parents, we want to celebrate our child’s wins and help him or her learn or grow through their challenges. We will always honor the important part you have in your child’s story. If you choose us to adopt your child, we promise he or she will know they are loved unconditionally and a priority to us.

As parents we will:
• Provide a good education to help him or her reach their goals and dreams. We will put our child’s needs first and encourage them to explore his or her calling in life.
• Raise our child with Catholic values, sharing our faith by example and teachings within a loving community of faith, including children their age at church and school.
• Model character, integrity, and a value for friendship and personal relationships.
• Pass down our love for music! (Mattia loves singing and teaching the songs he learned from his grandfather.)
• Speak Italian, English, and Chinese in our home so that our child grows up learning more than one language.
• Cherish your cultural and racial heritage as a part of our child’s background. We look forward to creating new traditions to celebrate our child’s family history.

We’d love to share an open adoption, if you’d like to receive updates, texts, emails, calls, or occasional visits as your child grows up. We look forward to learning more about you! Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

With love, Mattia & Anna

Learn More About Mattia & Anna

  Mattia Anna
Our EducationMaster's in Business and AdministrationPh.D in Semiotics
Our ProfessionsBusiness Development in Pharma ConsultingProject Manager at an Interior Design Firm
Stay-At-HomeNo, but I work from home and have a lot of flexibilityYes, after we adopt
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian & ChineseCaucasian
Some of Mattia & Anna's Favorites
Way to Spend a WeekendHosting dinner for our friends and their kidsGetting away with friends to the beach in Cape Cod or hiking in New Hampshire
City I've LivedTorino or BostonRoma or Boston
FoodMexican or Chinese (anything spicy!)Home cooked Italian (by me!)
HobbySinging in a choir or playing bassEnjoying art exhibits or Broadway Shows
Rainy Day ActivityBoard gamesReading a book while snuggled on the couch
SportsPlaying soccer as goalieA combo of Pilates & Yoga
Next Dream VacationDolomites Mountains in ItalyAmazon Forest & Japan
More About Our Family
Why We're Hoping to Adopt

After going through unexplained infertility, we felt our hearts open up to the possibility of adopting a child to grow our family. We have loved ones who have adopted and we were familiar with the process through their stories. Our whole story continues to grow us stronger and more aware of the good in our lives. We’re ready and excited about becoming first-time parents together through adoption!

Fun Facts About Us

Anna is known for her passion about fashion, lifestyle, and design.

Mattia is known for his musical talents. He also has a small collection of jerseys from his favorite soccer team, Juventus.

Languages We Speak

Other than English, we both speak Italian and French. Anna's first language is Italian, and Mattia can also speak Chinese and Spanish.

Traditions We're Excited to Share with a Child

• Going to Italy (our happy place!) for two weeks each summer to spend time with friends and family there, eat a lot of great food, visit beautiful beaches, charming little town, and see historical sites and shrines
• Annual trip to Southern California to visit Mattia’s dad and relax at the ocean
• Taking a vacation just the two of us, either abroad or in the U.S., to explore the culture and nature of different places
• Going to New York City to see Broadway shows a couple times each year
• Long weekend trips with family to the lake or beach over Memorial Day or Labor Day
• Honoring religious feasts, especially for Easter, Christmas, and Sunday after church (every food served has a special meaning!)
• Thanksgiving with our closest friends and family, enjoying Anna’s homecooked dishes and a lovely decorated table
• Summer vacation games with friends from our Catholic community at church, planned with theme-based costumes and decorations that adults and children get into

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 3 months old




Either boy or girl

In Closing

We're very thankful to have been considered as adoptive parents for your baby. Our hearts are ready for an open adoption if you'd like to have an ongoing connection as your child grows up. We've tried to become parents for years and are excited to be on this path to adoption! We'd love to share our multi-cultural family with a child, celebrating our heritage as well as our child's unique background. It would be an honor to get to know you and the hopes you have for his or her future. We hope to talk with you!

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