Featured Family – Matt and Kate

From time to time, we like to feature a Catholic adoptive family. We’d like you to meet Matt and Kate, a hopeful adoptive couple living in North Carolina. We encourage you to read about their life in their own words. Here is what they have to say:
Hopeful Catholic adoptive couple in California pose for an outdoor photo

Our Life

We’ve been married for five years and together for fourteen. We are excited to welcome a our first child through adoption. Kate was adopted and she is excited to share her experiences with your child.

We both love education and exploring different cultures around the world and we look forward to sharing our family traditions, reading bedtime stories and giving our child a complete education both in and out of school.

Hopeful Catholic adoptive couple in California pose for an outdoor photo
Catholic hopeful couple enjoy walking on the pier with their dog

Meet Kate (by Matt)

Kate is a very thoughtful and supportive person to all who are dear to her. Her imagination and child-like nature show in her love for games, doing puzzles, creative writing, graphic design and photography. She can’t wait to share her favorite childhood books and show our child her favorite holiday traditions.

Meet Matt (by Kate)

Matt is a very patient and call person. He is also my biggest fan and supports me in every way. He loves camping, sailing, going to car meets, and exploring, and looks forward to sharing all these fun activities with his child, just he did with his Dad.

Our family pose for a photo

Our Family

We are both close to our families and they look forward to having children to love and support. We love to take a yearly vacation with Kate’s family and can’t wait to include your child on these. Kate’s brothers are looking forward to being Uncles for the first time.

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Our family pose for a photo
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