Featured Family - David and Cheryl

From time to time, we like to spotlight Catholic adoptive families. We’d like you to meet David and Cheryl, a hopeful Catholic adoptive couple living in Pennsylvania. We encourage you to read about their life in their own words. Here is what they have to say:
Hopeful Catholic adoptive couple in Pennsylvania pose for an outdoor photo

Our Life

Best friends since college, we wed after graduation and have been happily married since then. We feel led to adoption after struggling with infertility for years.

One of our top priorities is spending time together as a couple. Sharing our lives with a child making memories going to the beach in summers, occasionally traveling abroad and taking walks together are some of the things we are looking forward to. We want to attend church together and introduce our child to our friends and family.

Hopeful Catholic adoptive couple in Pennsylvania pose for an outdoor photo
Hopeful Catholic adoptive couple David and Cheryl play cards together laughing

Meet Cheryl (by David)

Cheryl’s positive personality always keeping me smiling and she is the most caring person I know. As a religious youth educator, Cheryl enjoys working with young people and will be a great mother.

She loves hands-on and creative activities like cooking, crafting, photography, sewing and scrapbooking and looks forward to sharing these things with a child.

Meet David (by Cheryl)

David like to take the time to provide help and get to know the students at the middle school where he is the principal. He always encourages me to follow my dreams, and I know he will encourage our child to do the same!

As a problem solver, he enjoys puzzles, math, working on our backyard garden, and spending time outdoors. He will make an amazing father!

David and Cheryl enjot time outdoors with their family

Our Family

We both have large extended families and Cheryl is very close the her mother. Cheryl’s family is nearby, and David’s family lives in California. We visit his family on holidays and special occasions during the year. Both families are very supportive of our adoption plans and look forward to having another child in the family!
We look forward to sharing our family traditions with our child, attending church together and enjoying family time. One of our favorite traditions is the Christmas Eve service and celebrating after with food and family. Another is our annual beach trip in summer!

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David and Cheryl enjot time outdoors with their family
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